Ahmedabad’s Longest Flyover



Ahmedabad’s Longest Flyover To Connect All The Junctions Along The Way 

Fly direct Drive-in to Commerce 6 Road. 

Amammoth flyover is being planned between Drive-in Road and Commerce Six Roads to provide commuters easy passage over the gasping congestion of traffic. The Rs 234 crore flyover will be 2.65km long and will span six lanes. It will have the additional feature of intermediate access points, through which vehicles will be able to enter and exit. Dr Guruprasad Mohapatra, the municipal commissioner of Ahmedabad, said that a survey was conducted to decide the junctions which needed flyovers. Owing to severe traffic problems on the Helmet junction, it was resolved to build a new flyover above the BRTS corridor. But the plan had to be scaled up. Mohapatra said, “Instead of a small flyover across a single junction, the proposed flyover has been conceptualized to cover a stretch of seven to eight junctions.” He said that the design for the flyover had been finalized with experts’ advice and the tender to begin the construction work will be issued in the next 10 to 15 days. As for the access points, the elevated flyover will have the provision for vehicles to enter and exit at smaller junctions through four extended wings of roads. That facility will enable commuters to use the smooth passage for various destinations along the terminal points of the flyover. Indeed, the 2.65km long flyover is expected to serve thousands of commuters in Ahmedabad and cut travel time dramatically on that stretch.

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