Snail House-Nautilus

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Snail House-Nautilus

Magali and Fernando Mayorga decided to use their money for building a house, but not one of the ordinary houses you see every day. Their house is called Nautilus and the name is not casual – the house has the shape of a giant mollusk, more precisely a snail. You can discover this house at Mexico City, built there by the architect Javier Senosiain. This is a great example of how the nature could be taken as a layout of our homes.

The snail-shaped house is made of new material called grancrete (quick-drying sprayable ceramic in fact), which is stronger than the ordinary concrete, fire resistant and offers good insulation against all climate types, according to its creator’s opinion – dr. Arun Wagh.

When you pass through the front door, you will get inside a large living room with natural floor. I mean, literally natural floor, covered by plants and divided by narrow walkways which follow an artificial stream. The house has two smaller rooms for the Mayorga’s sons and a bigger bedroom for the adults. Other interesting fact is that the furniture look like growing from the house.

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