Silver Gardenia

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For the changing pattern of lifestyle and coming out from the ‘Wall to Work’ life, Avirat Group presents to you a place that has on offer a complete lifestyle, not mere facilities. Experience the royalty that even the royals could not at their time. Celebrate the coming together of two friends: the life and lifestyle. Come home to Silver Gardenia. A home for lifetime.
Crafted with utmost care and detail Silver Gardenia is an innovative and one-of- its-kind residential project for the natives of Ahmedabad who believes that luxury is the way to live. Silver Gardenia sets never before standards in quality and design for residential development in Ahmedabad.
In constant quest of excellence, Avirat Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a young conglomerate of professionals, adapted to look at life from different perspectives. Creating ripples in the commercial and residential segments, the company has already carved out hallmarks and earned laurels in a assort span of two decades. Committees to quality, trust and customer sensitivity, going much beyond the standards has become a way of life at Avirat.
Silver Gardenia, is just an extension of our commitment to develop and offer the incredible.
Conspicuously shining
Let the kid in you come alive again. Yes, we know, your heart yearn for a home where, hearts brighten up, happiness shine and goodness glitter.
Enter Silver Gardenia, an exceptional scheme of luxuries apartments. Designed to add a greener and happier twist to your life, Silver Gardenia is capable of making people cheerful. It has an ambiance, where people blossom like flower and let others bloom to the fullest.
Amazing aesthetics
At Silver Gardenia, you only get peace of mind, love of heart and sheer comfort. It is distinctively made for those who want to live in aesthetically constructed homes. Created by Avirat Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., a leading real estate developer with path-breakings projects to its credit, Silver Gardenia is set to initiate a glorious chapter in your life. It is located on the upbeat New Prahalad Nagar (Gota), making it a project that offers both – the heavenly natural environs as well as highly lucrative future returns.
Developing closer bonding
Silver Gardenia is conceived in such a way that it brings the dwellers closer to each other, creating greater bonding between them. Its modern amenities not only help you indulge in your favourite activities, they actually give you the much needed opportunities to share quality time with your fellow dwellers. It is exclusively made for those who believe in extending their home beyond its walls and make the entire community their family. A community, where no one is a stranger!

Project Details
Project Name : Silver Gardenia
Project By : Avirat Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Location. : Silver Gardenia, Gota, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Email :
Website :

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