Sveti Stefan Wonderful Small Island

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Sveti Stefan is a small Island located in Montenegro. The island includes a Villa Milocer which now has become a five star franchise hotel among the Aman Resorts. The island is now linked with the mainland by a bridge. In total there are around eight comfortable grand suites and cottages.

Back in 15th century, the island was a village for fishing. By 1970, it became a popular place for top celebrities such as Sofia Lauren, Claudia Schiffer, Princess Margaret and Sylvester Stalone. At that time it was under the ownership of Radenovic family from 1960 to 1980s.

The island is the most exquisite and iconic symbol of the Montenegro. The terracotta rooftops are a great combination with the blue of Adriatic.

The total population is four hundred. The island is charming, and stone building with red roof being rationalized with modern luxury. Around 800 olive trees surround the villa.

The Piazza is at the heart of the church, where people used to drink and eat. The food here is very famous; the Pasticceria serves traditional pastries and cakes. European dishes are also offered by the Taverna. The Cigar room offers single-malt whiskeys, vintage Armagnac as well as is a heaven for gentlemen who often play cards while smoking. Each room is luxurious and retains the ambiance of the history, preserving the antiques.

A spa treatment is also being offered to the families that includes herbal therapies for the relaxation of muscles. The best place for business men and women for relaxation indeed. It is 12400 square meters in area. In 2010, it won the accolade of the Hotel of the Year. At the south side of the island is a swimming pool which overlooks the beach.

Two suites cover an area of 125 m2 with bedrooms having fireplaces, living rooms, dining rooms decorated in light peachy creamy shades, decorated with silk, woolen and leather upholstery. It provides and elegant ambience to guests.
The landmark is at the south of Budva, in between Przno and Stefan

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