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Komatsu’s hydraulic front shovel excavators are in the lead everywhere. The Japanese PC 8000 had been hit number one in the world chart for quite some time. The peculiarity of this giant is its electric undercarriage. The PC 8000 is moved by 6600-volt electric motors and not by hydraulic motors like its rivals. Two 3516 EUIS Caterpillar turbocharged after cooled diesel engines drive the generator and the hydraulic system. Together, these two 16-cylinder aggregates deliver a massive 3,730 HP at 1,800 RPM. Despite the tremendous power, with its top speed of 2.2 kph no wonder this monster is not the vehicle for high speed car chases. Depending on track width ground pressure is about 2.5 bar. At full work speed the hydraulic pumps drive 8280 liters of oil through the cylinders with work pressure of 310 bar. In order to operate this giant there must be fuel and hydraulic oil, and lots of them. The fuel tank has an amazing capacity of 14,000 liters while the hydraulics tank is trying to keep up with its 11,500-liter capacity. The larger shovel bucket has the capacity of 44 cubic meters and weighs a decent 58.2 tons while its break-out force is 2,000 kN.

The most important technical data in the overview:

use-weight: 1,600,000 lb
performance : 4020 HP

bucket size: 50 yd³


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